In summer, mean-while-back

Say you don't need no diamond rings And I´ll be satisfied Tell me that you want those kind of things That money just can't buy I don't care too much for money Money can't buy me love



It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems


The show

I'm just a little bit
Caught in the middle
Life is a maze
And love is a riddle

I'm just a little girl
Lost in the moment
I'm so scared
But I don't show it


Sweet dreams.
you know I'd never ask you to change, if perfect's what you're searching then you just stay the same. I was hoping you said that, but you said it so unexpected that I barely noticed- and now i'm wondering why I ever let you go in the first place-


Two better than one

And maybe it's true, that I can't live without you

Well maybe two is better than one

There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life

And you've already got me coming undone

And I'm thinking two, is better than one


Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart.
There's nothing I can do, total eclipse of the heart





It could've been just
another dream,
But I swear I heard
you scream,
"A strawberry avalanche
crashed over me."


He tells me about his night I count the colors in his eyes
Won't ever fall in love
He swears, as he runs his fingers through his hair
I'm laughing 'cause I hope he's wrong
And I don't think it ever crossed his mind He tells a joke, I fake a smile But I know all his favorite songs And I could tell you His favorite color's green He loves to argue Born on the Seventeenth His sister's beautiful He has his father's eyes
And if you ask me if I love him..
I'd lie
He looks around the room Innocently overlooks the truth Shouldn't a light go off? Doesn't he know that I've had him memorized for so long?
He sees everything in black and white
Never let nobody see him cry
I don't let nobody see me wishing he was mine

He stands there, then walks away
My God, if I could only say
I'm holding every breath for you

He'd never tell you, but he can play guitar I think he can see through everything but my heart
First thought when I wake up is My God, he's beautiful So I put on my make-up and pray for a miracle


Sick of every up and down, every turn turn around and being.. complicated. Stick on me i'm sure you want to I.. will find you so soon, I'll keep searching for your light.


Thought we’re safe but we’re dangling

I want something but i don't know what. seems to me that everything around me makes sense just because you're around. It's funny how things can turn out the way you planed, and still, disappoint you. And now I'm scared, of it all, of you and i wanna go home, please let me be the one who leaves first. Running, flying, dangling until i'm gone. Still don't know what I want, but still want something like that.. you've gotta scream now, because nothing lasts.



You see that girl?, yeah her, she seems so invincible, right?
But just touch her and she'll wince.
She has secrets and trusts no one.
She's the perfect example of betrayal.
'Cause everyone she's ever trusted broke her.


Something about us doesn't seem right these days, life keeps getting in the way.

It's so hard to say but I've got to do what's best for me, you'll be okay, I've got to move on and be who I am, I just don't belong here, I hope you understand, we might find our place in this world someday but at least from now: I've gotta go my own way.


Somebody to remember

I don't need nothing else,

Cuando mi cabeza deje de girar y el mundo no se detenga, cuando mi respiración ya no se agite y mi cuerpo ya no importe tanto, cuando tu ropa y la mia sólo sean obstáculos, mi corazón esté casi mudo y mis venas no se hinchen tanto, cuando sus fotos, estilos y cosas no parezcan tan deseables y las motas en mi piel hayan pasado a segundo plano, cuando los sonidos imágenes y recuerdos sean todo lo que importa y la mente controle lo que el cuerpo solía controlar, el sol va a brillar y vos vas a estar ahi, bien descansado y sin resaca, sin cansancio o depresión, sin problemas y quizás quién sabe sin recuerdos a los que evocar, mi promesa fue no dejarte caer ni olvidar, si algún día la rompo, no te aflijas, sólo voy a irme un rato para manchar el cielo de mil nubes que formen el plano de tus memorias y vivencias que algún día preferiste no dejar. Y si eso no pasa, si no me voy, mi mirada te va a hablar de historias desconocidas, de relatos incoherentes y fantásticos, cosas tan ajenas como risueñas, te vas a reir y me vas a contar lo que yo no me acuerde, pero no hay nada más exacto que los surcos en el ancho del celeste, no esperes a poder verlo , va a llegar sin que lo esperes.


why's everything so complicated?

The way they like to choose, the move they've got to do, the life they want to live, The more they get confused.



I watched the walls around me crumble
But its not like I wont build them up again

So here's your last chance for redemption
So take it while it lasts 'cause it will end
And my tears are turning into time
I've wasted trying to find, a reason for goodbye


love anywhere, love anyhow, love anytime, love everyone

All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around
I’ve been giving out chances everytime and all you do is let me down
And its taking me this long but baby I figured you out
And you think it will be fine again but not this time around

You don’t have to call anymore
I won’t pick up the phone

This is the last straw
Don’t want to hurt anymore

And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I won’t believe you baby like I did before
You’re not sorry no more, no more, no


I saw you and my eyes set off. I didn't even knew it could be so hard. If I could just get back i'll keep ignoring you 'til we graduate. But i'm hopeless, it' s useless: You're part of my heart now. My head can't stop thinking about you, and my eyes don't get tired of seeing you. My hands are dying because they can't touch you as much as they want to. My entire body screams for your skin, I need you, I need you to be mine! If I pretend, If I lie, to my self, to everybody, to you, I won't be happy, but that's the only way. At least you are not far away from me if I keep it this way. Fuck this way of being, fuck it off.!


Be honest

-Somos mejores amigos, cierto?
-Si, por supuesto.
-Se honesto conmigo, quién te gusta?
-Nadie. Amo a alguien.
-Ella debe ser muy afortunada.
-Definitivamente, la he amado desde que la conocí.
-De verdad? Bueno, desde que somos mejores amigos quiero conocerla. Ve a llamarla.
*El chico toma su celular, disca su número y la llama*
-Espera, creo que me estan llamando.
*Responde el celular*
-Te amo.


We met in a place i used to go

No suelo contarles muchas cosas a los extraños, mucho menos si se trata de alguien a quien no conozco muy bien.



Abre el libro y se difumina el recuerdo que creía intacto. Crece en el relato y ya la memoria es un mar de formas que no son formas, palabras que no son palabras, sueños que ya no son sueños. Mueve la hoja.. la cambia. Ese canje tan rutinario ahora era tan exacto, tan encantador, tan preciso, tan necesario, urge entre sus dedos y se arrepiente en su auge, más rápido que su lagrima consiguiente que resbaló... rodó... mojó y se estrelló por su pelo en su pecho. No comunica ella lo que siente cuando escribe, no lo dice con vanas palabras y a su parecer, a su sentir, a su corazón es mucho mejor llorar. Lo que creía olvidado, gana melancolía, lo que alguna vez fue gloria ahora es nostalgia y aquello que no quería irse, que se negaba a desaparecer.. se ha ido tan de pronto, tan de prisa. Sin siquiera sorprenderse por esto, tan acostumbrada a lo que nos tiene ensimismados casi siempre sin quererlo, no logra reaccionar de forma atenta a esta declaración. Es la confesión de ella, de su libro, de su recuerdo, su confesión.



It can't go far. it can't go any lower. So why the hell is not here?
I want it . I need it so I can move on, feel alive or whatever i need to feel.
Ideas can't be good when you are rotten on the inside.
Forgive the thoughts, forgive me please oh my love.


Anywhere but here

When I'm in a crowd
Or on an island by myself
Silent or too loud
Wishing I was somewhere else

And I can't believe
You hit me fast and hard
When you turn to me and say
"Never change the way you are!"

Trying to catch your eye
Things will never look the same
Now I can't deny
You're the moth and I'm the flame
There I go again
I should walk before I run
How can I explain ?
I can't stop what you've begun

I'm falling through the door
Flying 'cross the floor
When you look at me suddenly it's clear

You're burning up my dreams
Crazy as it seems
I don't wanna be anywhere but here
Anywhere but here

Here's the brand new me :
Skates around and floats on air!
I'm a sight to see
Rainbow colors in my hair!!!!

You have set me free
The one who gets me there


So you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?


Still not getting enough

Todavia me emocionan ciertas voces
todavia creo en mirar a los ojos
todavia tengo en mente cambiar algo

todavia y a dios gracias todavia

voy tratando de crecer
y no de sentar cabeza,

Aun resuenan los acordes, de una guerra en si bemol
sin ninguna melodia,

y asi las flores crecen junto a los cardos
y derrotan las tormentas, y se caen y levantan
oh, oh, oh.

Todavia me emocionan ciertas voces ...